Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ho Chi Minh Nov 10-12 '06 - D2c

As our SQ taxied towards the runway I noticed the 'lotus' flower painted on the tail fin of a Vietnam Jet. It was the National flower of Vietnam - a very common sight indeed in the countryside with its lush green padi fields( even with ancestor tombstones etc) and lotus ponds. I vividly rememberd a guy standing waist-deep in a pond harvesting lotus flowers while our 15-seater tour bus whizzed by.

Sunday morning - after an early breakfast
we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood and did some last minute shopping in a nearby bazaar.
Ho Chi Minh statue.

What's in the cooking?

A little crowd gathered around the lady on the left
she was selling sliced fruits - guavas, jambu to go.


Pineapples seller - the pineapple rivals the sweetness of Sarawak pineapple.
I have looked hard on roadside stall but fail to see any 'rojack' store
in this part of the world.
Mouthwatering nanas..

Basket seller's wares

Traffic cop leading the way for marathon runners

The street was filled with young marathon runners

The painted white tree trunks add another dimension
to the park
Sunday mass at Notre Dame and the lady in white standing near the entrance
we decided to check it out..

... some sort of donation drive

Believe it or not - this is a Tanjong Tree in
such a creative form

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M Lim said...

Great pictures you have.

The 'donation drive' is a plea for funds to restore the aging Cathedral. Donate some money if you can.
I did, on Sun 12 Nov, when I attended Mass there.