Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb10 - A Passion Date...

It was 8:10am when i reached AMK AV 5. The Sun was high up and getting warm
but there were dews to render these spiderwebs visible.
I moved closer to one.... the quick acting spider sensed my looming figure or picked up vibrations from my footsteps quickly scurried down the tunnel and disappearedI waited a while and here he(she) is at the entrance of the quick-get-away-exit tunnelI started to look around for the VINE ... and found this pretty white flower from another vine called Angel Wings ( Thunbergia fragrans)
It had some interesting featureTiny white flowers dotted the ground - it looked like a carpet of 'stars' in a background of 'green' canopy. I moved close to one and found a face
"with both hands feeding the mouth". Click image above to view closer.
Where is the vine i am looking for?
.... i crossed the road and found a low noni ( orinda citrifolia ) tree with fruits. This one still sporting a full bloom. So each 'eye-let' housed a flower before... then ... i found the VINE!
Was looking very very hard and found a small cluster of the vine.. first i spotted the tiny fruits.
Good things 'come in pair'... see the tiny nuts!

after rummaging I found the tiny flowers ... is that all? This is my first time seeing a flower..
I wanted more...

after walking for a little while - BINGO! found a another better plant

so many flowers/fruits..... I picked this nicer flower

another flower the image to find the pollens and note the single fruit formingOk - just to remind you the size of flower of Passiflora suberosa w.r.t to its vine

all passion flower species have similar flora form
pinocchios slowly turning into complete fruits of Angel Wings

This Passiflora suberosa had another trick which had kept me puzzled me for months. I noticed on the old moss-covered rain-tree trunks where this species strive - tri-lobbed leaves sometimes with one lobe missing on the right or left hand side and sometimes only single lobe. I have photographed the fruit and have never seen the flower and the ID had eluded me... Recently the gardener had uprooted all the creeping vines but luckily one of two escaped total 'destruction'.

Before you navigate else where
want to see how the 'internal' of the fruit look like?

The thick walled is expected... and the berries inside.. just wonder how
a ripe on look like.. will it be pulpy and orange/yellow inside?

This concluded my date with passion flowers - a TWO hours
walk walk and hunt for the Passion flowers.. near my working place on
a early Saturday Morning. Finally got this plant nailed down fruit flowers and all

Another assignment completed... meanwhile i have things
to show on my meteors stuff..
all except the last one photographs taken using
Canon S3 [ supercloseup/+ MF & - 1 1/3 stop ASA 200]

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