Friday, December 25, 2009

Dec 25 2009 - Orchard Road and SBG

Roman soldiers .. and the odd one out..
Human intervention in tidying up the trunk..
Orchard road ..
At SBG ( Singapore Botanic Garden)
was inspecting the fallen fruits ( Bellucia pentamera) when i spotted a toadI dropped a few Bellucia fruits on it... it immediately puffed up...

Lee Jae Hee's Sculpture using big cone pine above.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

M. Malabathricum var alba

Spotted the 'white' version Malabathricum var alba of the lookalike sendudok in my in law's neighbour potted plants. The deep furrowed leaf veins is a giveaway to Melastoma sp. - .

Sunday, December 06, 2009

SBG - December 06 '09

Near the entrance to SBG I noticed this fruiting palm.
Shot at a distance using a borrowed mirror lens - hand held 500mm f8.0

I found this 'noisy' fella on the tree trunk - he sounded like this-> sound .
I approached it slowly, touched it and was gone.The sound spectrum of this cicada reproduced below.

Smooth and peeling barks of Syzygium gratum
Waiting for the next 'burst'.
Cascading waterfall... adding the much needed humidity to the surround trees.
.... Nipah fruits on the right

This is one of the BEST decorated trees.
Can you name the fruits , seed pods used there?

Another closer look of the 'decoration'.

The traditional Xmas trees lining the road ..
and more..
Noticed this flowerly patterns
Vertical submarine - planting Shadows @ SBG

Unnoticed and unwanted ..
- from our potted promenade tree