Monday, October 27, 2008

Going back for a closer look of devil's hair ( Cuscuta spp).

Split rolls? - Cat tails


'I salute you...'

Accidentally came across the devil's hair( see image i took a few weeks ago above) write up in a chinese medical book! To further aid in ID i revisited the site
to have a better foto showing the flowers.

Going for closer look at the tiny parasite flowers of Cuscusta species.
It was hot and i have to withstand the needle sharp
spikes from the nearby sea holly.
Click above image to have a
closer look and compare with this orange red Cuscuta europaea.

The tiny clusters of 5-petals flowers
with napkin as background
in BK. Canon S3

Saturday, October 25, 2008

South Ridges - reVisited 10/25/08

Evenly coated spider web on branches. A green whip snake not far from a bus stop.. at first i thought someone left a green ribbon on the clumps of fish-tail ferns.

Noni - the climber version
Draco sumatranur - the flying lizard

(below image)
the front pointing triangular 'flap' underneath the throat.

Antigonon leptopus - Chain of Loves

COL's - tiny lantern ( or heart) shaped flower

close up of the young vine below

the matured or old vines ( below)

Found a tiny 'honey-comb' nest stuck to a leaf.
A few 'bee-like' insects
were hovering nearby.

A curious mother with her son
joined in and investigate as i pulled the leaf
lower to have a closer shot

Scars from fallen stalks that resembled 'moths with out-spread wings' on tree trunk

BambooCalotes vericolor the changeable lizard

Green crested lizard, Bronchocela cristalella
Red Passion Flower Passiflora coccinea

'Hairy' Heliconia -
all the others had smooth hairless surfaces
except this particular one. Why? [ Heliconia Vellerigera]

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Admiralty Park

Trail : Gravel, easy
Stay Duration : ~ 1 hr

A day after it was shown in TV, I decided to check out the new park. Suddenly everyone was interested in Nipah palms and the glove-like inflorescence.

Cuscuta species ,the tentacle-like
web carpeting the ground, with clusters of tiny white flowers. It remind me of another similar creepers years ago near a sandy beach in Borneo.

Dam the outlet and you get a pond meanwhile any overflow will cascade down the 'steps'.

The pond was heavily silted... and this pretty 'lily' - remind me of the chinese phrase of " come from dirty mud but never get tainted ( and pure). A belly-up Arowana was floating nearby indicating the low O2 content perhaps. Meanwhile a brand new restaurant await opening.

The rows of vertical reddish tips of the Piai raya, Acrostichum aureum ferns caught my attention.
The Star-shape fruit of Simpoh, Dillenia suffruticosa was within my reach.

A close up of the tiny purple flower of Common Spiderwort, Commelina nudiflora at ground level.