Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lambir Hills National park, Miri, SWK ( 25-10-2009)

Sharp eye Sindy found a cicada on the tree trunk. It looked a bit strange to me, the color wasnt the usual dark brown or blackish. To check whether this is alive or not i gave it a gentle poke. Expecting a living one to make a sound instead the whole empty shell flew away and the startled Sindy screamed! The background cicadas chorus continued without the slightest pause.
After paying the $10 Ringgit entrace fee,
we took the beginning trek situated on the right hand side of the HQ's building.

Neatly pleated vines
Leaf- littered forest floor.
The unusual high vertical steps climbing the stairs difficult.
Abandoned tree tower
On the RED trail ( all trails are color coded for easy ID)
Peeling bark
Keep walking.... yellow/red track
Wing seeds
A shaft of sunlight hits on a germinating wing seed
Leaf-less tiny branch attached with single large fruit.
Pantu Waterfall during the 'dry' season.
Nibong Waterfall.
Note the slanted silver stream like structure is actually a tree trunk giving the illusion of a slanted
water stream.
The actual stream is on the left of the structure.

A larger 'load' attached with bi-wings
Multiple-lobbed wing seeds
Unknown red shoot or rhizome
fallen fruit
Coffee colored fungus
Shorea sp wing seeds
Fallen fruits
This black millipede is half a foot long.
Brightly colored seed pods
Buttressed root carpeted with lichen/moss.
Freshly fallen vs a germinated wing seed
Latak Waterfall - 25 m high with deep plunged pool. All the waterfalls should be spectacular in rainy season.

Waterfall 1 ~ 15 minutes away from HQ

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is all dese photos of lambir are of shorea robusta?