Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Botanic Garden 2

Fallen petals

Underside of a fern in Evolution Garden

Co-co-de Mer or Double coconut
largest nut in the world ( 50 lb weight)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Botanic Garden

Quail's Eggs? No ... read on..

Late Sunday afternoon I visited the Botanic Garden admiring the giants trees and listening to the exploding seeds under a rubber tree. The Botanic Garden had a new look and even housed a food court close the Main entrance!

Tri-lobed rubber fruits high up in the branches - ready to release the seeds violently

Twelve green/brown 'seedpod' (bottles) sitting on a branch (wall) ...

Custard-like lotus seed pod...
Lotus Seeds in their chambers..

My birthday cake comes early? ( see young flower- bud in image below). Another recent images posted in my friend's blog.

The young flower bud
resembled a
Chinese Peach ( Xian Tao).
Took me a while hunting for a full bloom flower but most of the petals were already dropped off.

I cracked open one hard seed pod and out poured black seeds covered with yellowish pulp.

Even the well dressed insect had matching red dot close to the eye?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ground Zero - tiny flowers

Early morning I spotted purplish tiny tiny flowers dotting the ground, competing with the carpet grass. Here ae the handheld shots.

Make their presence felt among the carpet grass...
Two raised bars or 'tongue' of Ruellia repens ( ACANTHACEA)Then not far away another smaller flower...

Frontal view above and top down look below.

It was tiny flower of Lindernia crustacea (SCROPHULANRIACEAE)
with a yellow spot on the lower lip.
20-cent coin vs a branch of the flower/bud and the small serrated leaf.

This one is common - typically found under shades of trees. Flipped the leaf over and you will find the contrasting reddish purple color..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

TTW08 - Aug 6 '06

My 8th visit to HSBC Tree Top Walk with my Canon S3 camera.

Inflorescence of a Seashore Centipede Grass Ischaemum muticum grass
with the feathery stigmas
Counting games
I count1,2,3 .. 7 lobes on the left and 5 on the leaf on the right.

" I had a little too much to drink last nite...."

A long stigma of the yellow flower ( above) and the unripe fruits (below).

The butterfly that ignored my close approach of the lens.

Silky Fences - Exquisite web design
Horizontal (top) vs Vertical lantern-like (bottom) .
Can you makeout the veiled web master below?

Fallen petals ( Common Snakeweed) from
the long narrow spite above after a heavy rain.

Leaf blade under alien attack. (galls?)
A 'bullet-like' wound appeared on top upper right cornerThis is how the underside of the leaf look like.
The 'bombardment'
was from the above.

Metallic looking dragon fly with battered wing.

Close-up view of flowers of Hairy Clidemia (MELASTOMACEAE)

Bougavilla - I was drawn towards the twisted/coiled ends.

Tetracera indica- with "Kutumayan seed" no- its
A dash of red caught my attention
I went down to the drain to gain access to this plant and lifted up the nearby Sempoh's leaf
to reveal more of this interesting red 'noddle-strands' avil
with embedded black seeds
- ( see another close up shot below)
The monkeys
my every moves....

By the time i returned,
all the 'noodle/seeds' were gone
and strands of red 'noddle' littered
on the dry drainage ground below.
Are those seeds edible?
Only monkeys can tell...perhaps

Friday, August 04, 2006

I finally noticed the 'face'

I have been walking pass this sculpture twice daily and have not figured what it represented then this evening on my way back from library I finally saw it - It is a face viewed from my angle.