Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Dash of red .. road divider

There are rows of  Ceylon Ironwood or Mesua ferrea with shades of yellowish orangery new leaves at the road divider. But i was attracted by the reddish tips of other shrub.  ( never mind about the 内在美 on the bamboo poles)
I crossed over to the road divider have a closer look @ a lower branch 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zingerberacea - anatomy of a tooth shaped flower

  2/15 /2010

Mar 02 2010. Gave it a gentle squeeze, out came
  the aromatic clear liquid 
March 16 2010.. tooth-like growth 'flower buds' 
March 20 2010  Can't wait for the 'tooth' shaped flower to open
( most likely it might not), I plucked one 'tooth' and
dissected it... after removing the external membranous bracts
illuminated with white LED torch

 separated the internal  part from the '3-petals'
a closer shot using cp995 white powdery pollens but where is the ovary?

Peeling back the bracts... i need to extract  the whole structure.

here it is. The ovary is  the swollen part at the other end ..

severed the ovary chamber.. notice the tiny round whitish ovules.
bits and pieces... on my A4 size 'operating table'

Different types of anthers - foil presentation  courtesy of Eliska Zaveska
from SBG Speaker's Series :
"Secrets to Anthers - Window to Curcuma Evolution?" By Mgr Eliska Zaveska

I was hoping eventually i get a fully developed flower. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Labrador Park March 17, 2010

Shooting skyward attracted by the sparing leaves and red flowers of
flame-of-the-forest, Delonix regia
Labrador Park Jetty .. waiting for the sun to reappear from  passing clouds
re-shooting and obtained a brighter scene above

Disused aerial staircase.. was a faster route to the beach?
Wayang -  Shadows play.. 
2 crickets revealed their presence
The Enemy came from the back instead. Shot from the firing end of the 6" pounder
 The spiral thread in the gun barrel gave the projectile a spinning thrust.
Learn a thing or two from 'Lock N' Load'
Lee Ermey's program from History Channel

Spiral of the natural kind..
Read the sign : Machine Gun Post

Thanks to Mr Gan NSS,BIG for the ID
A male Great Eggfly, Hypolimnas bolina 
Caught with the light , a curve spine-like pattern seems to appear from the thorax?  Scare tactic?
Then I tried to catch the top view of the wing patterns but only caught a blurred image
as it fluttering away. Sail-shaped white spots fringed with iridescent blue ( male)

Friday, March 12, 2010

SBG March 12 2010

Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid'
The common Red Scarlet, Crocothemis erythraea
Ficus grossulariodes
SBG's BandStand 
- one of the most recognizable structure in the Garden. 
Ficus variegata
Antigonon leptopus
Cola gigantea
Ornamental banana, Musa ornata Roxburgh
Red-bellied Squirrel on the trail of 'hot' scent...

Squirrels were common sight in SBG and other parks. In this visit  I saw one with nut in the mouth trying to find a way to bury the 'treasure'. It went from trunk to trunk but did not manage to plant the nut. ( see left image).Then in another tree I saw this rather mature adult was holding leaf  smelling and tracing the invisible scent left behind by a female(?). It was just less than 2 feet from me. Just two weeks ago I saw workmen putting up streamers with lovely pinkish red flowers of Antigonon leptopus, Chain of Love Climber on the roof top of outdoor 'hut'. I cant wait for the whole roof to be covered. The bright  flowers are magnets for bees and butterflies. In my child hood time i ever dug out the deep rooted tuber and baked it. It smelt good ( read somewhere the tuber is edible too).If you know any craft man who can make silver bracelets of COL flowers please let me know.  While the more conspicuous and accessible Ficus variegata, Red Stem-Fig fruits suffer many 'finger-nail' abuse, just a short distance away ( entrance to the Rain Forest) not far from the thorny rottan , the tiny orange, red smaller figs of Ficus grossulariodes were spared and untouched by human except the black ants.Walking on I spotted numerous fruits of the Cola gigantea,Giant Cola up in the tree. Picking out the lowest hanging fruits and standing on a bench I  managed to capture the brownish yellow 'pouch' like palm size twin fruits.The rest of the morning was spent in the SBG Library. Revisiting the various exhibits - crafts made from nuts, fruits of various kind in sealed jars and silica gel. You heard about the penis sheath used by tribal males made from gourds. go and find yourself there.  Experience first hand how  plant pressed samples look like. Flip the example files of plant specimen - exotic trees, creepers....noticing how the twig, branches and heavy fruits were threaded down. If you pocket is deep enough , buy the plants book covering the flora in this regions. ( Sabah, Sarawak..) All the magazines look very new.

Monday, March 08, 2010

A stray bat


A stray bat (~ 3 inches in length)  was found near the ginger plant - 12 floor up. I gently patted  the bat with a dried twig and picked it up. Note the 5-claws of the hind legs vs the front . A little shake caused it to outstretch the wings. Moments later it fluttered and flew away.