Sunday, May 28, 2006

TTW- 5th Walking in the rain

the sky bridge

On the right side of the bridge
you can find ( and perhaps touch ) the ruby red new leaves
of Rusty Oil fruit or Elaeocarpus ferrugineus
while on the left a Pulai tree with seed pod dangling..

Hey..don't expect me to change color that fast. I know Kapok trunk is not green.

'..I got tongue..'

Fallen flowers...

The orange- red caught my attention.

It started to drizzle while i was halfway crossing the TTW Bridge..
then it rained heavily.. I captured
the following images
much earlier
It was an experience
walking in the rain
I got my umbrella
at least
in the 'belukar'
rain comes
straight down.
On my way back

I took the same
path from Venus Drv Car Park

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tree Top Walk - 4th visit

I spotted some white flakes stuck on the undergrowth.
At closer inspection i found out they were
African tulip's paper-thin wingseeds.

I collected two 'flakes' home
Close-up shot showing the membrane wing
and the ' monkey-face' seed This big 'guy' stood guard over his territory
of flowers and berries near TTW bridge entrance feasting on the rhododendron.
Fallen snake-like rottan
'Nipple-galls' (below)
pearls-like appearance on leaf surface
- the leaf is being attacked!
Singapore Rhodendron fruits
Leaves with stencil-like markings
From a plant that look like a false tapioca.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fallen Bee

Downed but *not* Out yet... (the bee regained consciousness much later)
Note the single band of orange..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Fallen Fruit - belinjau

Today, I picked up from green the carpet grass this multi -hue belinjau fruit. I have been watching the development of this particular stalk with just x3 fruits ripening ( green->yellow->orange red) independantly for the past few months
and this was the last of the 'mohigan'

Measured exactly 3 cm long
pecked by a bird ( near the stalk)
and fell to the ground.
The yellowing was due to the close- contact with adjacent fruits before.
A nicer looking fruit below.
Keropok( see below)
made from this type of fruit ( see another image here)
AT first I bought this from the NTUC Supermarket
for illustration only. But tonight I decided to taste it.
This keropok cracker tasted funny though - i
t came with a bitter aftertaste!
Have you tried this? I want to hear your comment!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Polling Day May 06 '06

I was looking for a Sign
or something... in the night sky....

Nothing Unusal - moon sets 1:50am.. Comet 73p remain elusive in thin-veiled sky
Southern Sky cleared up a bit , jewel box clearly seen in 7 x50s
I left the video on
A meteor zapped past and transversed the Southern Crown
Woke up my usual time, walked to the Primary School
and casted my first time
Vote 8:03am
Majulah Singapura!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1 - Labour Day

Coat-of- arms at the Istana Gate,
lion on the left and tiger on the right ( above)
and (below) note the orchid especially the stripped one - Tiger Orchid?

Istana Open House on Labour Day

I noticed this pretty semi- hemispheric- shaped flowers head from
creeper Hoya verticillata.
Close up the 'delicious'-looking showy flower (below)The sweet fragrant white flower of
Iron Wood - Mesua ferrea filled the air.
The petals remind me of ballet dancers white dresses.
Very often you can also find this
plant lining the central dividers
with its eye-catching bright red young leaves .

All fotos taken from the Istana ground..