Monday, May 15, 2006

Fallen Fruit - belinjau

Today, I picked up from green the carpet grass this multi -hue belinjau fruit. I have been watching the development of this particular stalk with just x3 fruits ripening ( green->yellow->orange red) independantly for the past few months
and this was the last of the 'mohigan'

Measured exactly 3 cm long
pecked by a bird ( near the stalk)
and fell to the ground.
The yellowing was due to the close- contact with adjacent fruits before.
A nicer looking fruit below.
Keropok( see below)
made from this type of fruit ( see another image here)
AT first I bought this from the NTUC Supermarket
for illustration only. But tonight I decided to taste it.
This keropok cracker tasted funny though - i
t came with a bitter aftertaste!
Have you tried this? I want to hear your comment!


Monkey said...

i love belinjau chips!!

Anonymous said...

the bitter taste is natural and the aroma of the cracker gets better and better as u eat it.