Saturday, September 15, 2007

National Museum - Empire of Nature ( 7/9-21/10 2007)

Running out of flora images for your foto shoot ? Why not visit the museum and find out how many native plants / fruits can you recognise from this marvelous collection. You get to see different types of rattan plants ( including a [Gloriosa Superba mistaken as rattan], yams, horn bills, medicine plants, bamboo rat.. collected by orang asli. Go admire the cursive calligraphy and the jawi on most entries.

The well designed pamphlet is a keepsake. .. so pretty. If you have deep pocket the 2 volume of William Farquhar Collection costs just over S$856... may be may be not.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Passing by SBG

Gummy-like berry of Podocarpus rumphii
note the growth of seed at the end of the swollen scale(berry)
green->orange->red->dark purple/black

The pavement was stained black by the fallen berries. I picked up a few under the tree and plucked the still red/orange from the branches. A squirrel was seen scurrying up the branches nearby.