Sunday, January 27, 2008

China Town - 2 weeks before Chinese New Year

Lunar Chinese Near Year approaching.. so took the opportunity to visit China Town picking up bakwa( BBQ meat), decors, sweets and look around.

Sugarcoated - kiwi, persimmons, coconut ...


Sarawak Kolo Mee (noodle)

I asked for the slightly harder persimmons

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Resembled the belly or underside of a butterfly.. or a moth.Inside of a shopping mallWith a ski field inside!

Street scene in the old part of Dubai near the Dubai creek - spice/textile trading posts

'Affordable' fine - DH 5.00

Airy bazaar overhead structure - where heavy rain downpour
was not expected

Dubai Creek - emerald color of the creek

Crossing the creek costs DH $1.00 close up of the boat propeller driving shaftA passing cab spoiled my picture above.
This African Lady's outfit matches well with the Museum brass door knob and wooden door.

'Settlement ' in the middle of a desertFew variety of plants survived in this arid land - i approached one to take a good look

Modified leaf - thick and leathery to reduce water moisture lost in the arid desert condition. White powder - sands? The Ukraine photographer mentioned the powder might blind the eyes.Punctured tyre ..

Sand is everywhere ..
Driver shaking loose sands from the air intake filter (carburetor) .
.. letting off air from wheels to enable a better grip...

Lets 'kick' some sand
its like sitting inside a washing machine in tumbling mode

Isolated patches of plants dotted the sandy desert
Muffled - I bite

This is how the Sand bottle 'lettering' was created using a funnel with a long sprout. Well all sort of writing except chinese character...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

from the Louvre..

The 'final melt down' or simply the spill?

No foto taking allowed inside.