Sunday, September 17, 2006

BG 3 foto shoot

Sunday - armed with S2 and S3 Angela and me spent the whole afternoon
in the Botanic Garden (BG) .. it was overcast but here and there we found enough interesting
flowers/fruits that kept us 'occupied' ...

'Claws' - by Angela C

The 'toothy' - by Angela C
The splitted pods of Tui ( Dolichandrone spahacea) (above) releasing rectangular
shaped wing-seeds that fell onto the pond ( below).

Twins ?

Hard nut of Vatica rassak - note the swelling on one side and the 'hole' on the surface

This water plant had a curved 1 1/2 foot long 'Kris'-like pinkish spathe enclosing a 'corn-like' spadix at the base. Spikes are seen on the solitary 'stem'.

Ginger Flower looking from (above)
- it was at the end of a 4 foot tall stalk and side view ( below)Now i know why it was called a Torch Ginger.. the flower at end of a long stalk... look like a flameing torch

Look closely at the pattern - the 'leaf with-in'
Calathea makoyana

Girl on a Swing

I picked up this waxy segment
of the fruit dropped from
a screw pine above
- and it smells good like ripe jack fruit ( nangka)

I parted the big leaf half concealing the above colorful 'fruit'.

Syzygium alliiligneum fruit - not unlike our jambu.

Resembled some colored metallic sphere of some sort.

National Flower
Vanda Miss Joaquim .
Note the two round yellow pollinia
waiting to be tranferred to visiting insects (eg. Bees)

Fallen Petal (above)
Nearby a cannon ball tree shedding petals
and the floor was carpetted
with the pink petals
'undersea-like creature'
( below).

The rain came around 5:15pm, I was taking shelter under a large saraca tree while Angie attempt to shoot yet a better lotus flower. Soon it rained heavier & we hurried home.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tanjong Flowers

Tanjong (Mimusops elengi ) fruits (above)
and flowers ( below)

It was already dark and I saw a lady was picking up something under a tanjong tree. Many trees lined the street. I was curious and asked. She opened her left palm and I saw a heap of tiny flowers. She explained that the flowers were fragrant. I didnt know that ! I picked one up and didnt smell anything.
After my 'makan' ( dinner) i decided to 'check it out myself'. Got a couple , cupped my palm and placed my nose close to it. Yes... the ' incense -like' sweet smell was there.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ground Zero 2

Today I travelled back to my work place to have a
closer look and took some images of this rather eyecatching little flower
- another Scrophulariaceae
( see my earlier post on Ground Zero).
Look like insects with Red-head/thorax.

The red backed
Malayan Eyebright
Torenia polygonoides
purple flower of Linderina crustacea.

'YES! - I won I won !" - like a WWF proclaiming victory.
Extended stamens
and the characteristics
yellow dot
in the lower lip

Frontal view of another flower
with both stamens
tucked underneath
( compare with the image above)

Back view of the red upper lip

I removed the upper (red) lips exposing the inner structures and pulled out the superior ovary with a single style. Now imagine the path of an insect entering from the left and
guided by the yellow dot(?) into the corolla tube