Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ground Zero 2

Today I travelled back to my work place to have a
closer look and took some images of this rather eyecatching little flower
- another Scrophulariaceae
( see my earlier post on Ground Zero).
Look like insects with Red-head/thorax.

The red backed
Malayan Eyebright
Torenia polygonoides
purple flower of Linderina crustacea.

'YES! - I won I won !" - like a WWF proclaiming victory.
Extended stamens
and the characteristics
yellow dot
in the lower lip

Frontal view of another flower
with both stamens
tucked underneath
( compare with the image above)

Back view of the red upper lip

I removed the upper (red) lips exposing the inner structures and pulled out the superior ovary with a single style. Now imagine the path of an insect entering from the left and
guided by the yellow dot(?) into the corolla tube

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