Monday, March 19, 2007

Penang Hill

While waiting for the 5:45 pm tram
we decided to take a walk and looked for interesting plants
in the neighbourhood
( actually i want to backtrack and locate the Chain of Love Vine)
and found a

lone castor plant with fruits

a rather large nest ... click image to see the 'pattern' on wasp's nestBlue Pea Vine, Clitoria Ternateaon the ledge of a brickwall of a Chinese temple
i picked up 3 sizeable cones
from the casuarina then a custard apple (unripe)

In the front porch of someone's property found this little tree
with so many round fruits.
Gourd tree or calabash
Crescentia cujeta / tabung kayu

"...According to D.H. Janzen and P.S. Martin (Science Vol. 215, 1982), large grazing mammals, including extinct pleistocene elephants called gomphotheres, may have once eaten the huge gourds and dispersed the seeds in lowland forests."

Up in the mountain

A hollowed- out trunk became an organic drainage pipe
- Bukit Bendera ( Penang Hill)

Nearby some strange 'metallic ' clicking sound - it went - click-click------click-click..
Using Wavepad obtained the following frequency /temporal Freq analysis plot.
I suspect the sound came from cricket frog(s).

Pitcher plant - Nepenthes albomarginata
( albus=white, marginatus=margin)
with the characteristics
white tomentose band
beneath the peristome at the roadside - On top of Penang Hill

6:44pm and the at 745 metres above sea-level.

then spotted a dusky leaf monkey with a long tail
enjoying leaves

Getting dark - time to go.

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