Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Morning After ....

After the overnite rains...

& found brightly colored african tulips flowers littered the ground..

I picked up one .. indeed the cavity can hold plenty of water.. just
the right stuff for a squirt gun

I found one overfilled with rain water
an unsuspecting tiny grasshopper/cricket?
had fallen into the floral 'pond'

Meanwhile a short distance away
birds were seen picking up red tiny berries from a tree....
I inspected 5-6 of the pulais
but none
were flowering...

the wind and rain brought down the already weakened dead lateral branches
mushrooms were seen
sprouting on some

this katydid with twin fine antennae was seen
sunning / drying out
on a Pulai's trunk...
click to checkout it's 'lobster-like' eyes
and armour-like thorax and short abdomen...

Everything looked so crisp and fresh...after overnight rain...
even my neighbour's pot plants appeared great.

laced lipstick ?

balls of flower buds?


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