Sunday, June 04, 2006

TTW06 / McRitchie

View of Pierce Reservoir from 25 metre tall Tree Top Walk bridge.
The red/white chimneys of Senoko Power Station 11 Km away.
Young fruits seen on TTW bridge
Golf Link - Hundreds of small squid-like tentacles - flowers of an unknown wild orchid
Yet another white- collar Kingfisher
@ McRitchie Reservior Park
Meal time - a juvenile Purple Heron caught a lizard near Golf Link

Row, row, row your kayak...

I just came out from under the 'butter fruit' tree
then i saw this black fellow flew to a tree top branch,
spreading out the wings and sat there motionless--MacRitchie R Park


Mable said...

Enjoyed the photos especially the "meal time" pix. I also saw the wild orchid on the branches of a tree on the fringe of Seletar Reservoir:

darkmatter said...

Hi Mable:
You have very pretty shots on the same orchids in full bloom..