Saturday, June 10, 2006

You are much larger than me , Lady

NEA weatherman predicted a late morning thunderstorm.. so I grabbed the camera/lens and tripod and headed towards an overhead bridge near my work place. It was a Saturday morning, traffic was light.Nephila antipodiana(?)
Did you find the tiny 'red' color spider piggy-back on the female?

I have been watching this spider since her 2-D web appeared a few weeks ago. It started with a magnificent web - the largest have even seen - easily measured 3 feet x 4 feet. Just a day later heavy rain and fallen leaves etc had damaged most of it. I monitoring her daily. I can even spot her across the street in my bus journey home. She stays put most of the time in the centre of web. Waiting patiently for prey to stumble into her 'deadly' trap. Her method is not different from my meteor catching setup - any meteor that 'wandered' in the lens FOV get 'snarled'. She appeared to have growth over the weeks.

Side view - (click) the image to have a closer look at the tiny spider sitting on top.

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