Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Fibre Source

If you like carrot or celery stick next time extend your munchy stick
to  pineapple's central bit too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Somethings Never Change

Flacourtia inermis
Its the second fruiting seasons near the traffic island. Out of the four only this particular one is flowering is fruiting. A lady was found picking up the fallen berries. Out of curiosity i approached and asked her. She wanted to grow the plant from seeds! Then the nearby team of workers came , one of them volunteered to try to sample one... 'no sweet, sour.. wont die one'. This image was taken in response to my nature kaki - 'show me the pic'.  [ Jan 25 2010 - found the ID by accident..and the fruit is edible and propagates by seeds.]

My neighbors potted plant Blood Lily or Scadoxus multiflorus - Just just a day ago, it was a reddish untidy brush-like protrusions. Today it uncurls and releases into perfect spherical shape - orderly and non chaotic .

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Brown out mushroom, a 'pale' mimosa & a cluster of flowers

Calophyllum soulattri
 Finally after several months, the green leaves returned and it even flowered!
[update: It was flowering again on mid March 2010]

Rim view of a brown-out mushroom pairs.

This pale color 'touch-me-not'  mimosa  passes the touch test.( youtube).