Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tg Sutera (Johore) Trip - June 15-17 '09

The rocky shore off Tg Sutera Resort.
Jambu air or Water Apple ( Syzygium aqueum)

Pebbles, pebbles ( quartize pebble) everywhere Quartized rock that resembles a heart

A moth spreading the wing like F117 stealth plane
While others were busy buying fruits , I dashed over the other side of the fields and did a few quick fotos of passion fruit's flower
and the Dragon fruit .. from the Desaru fruit farm.

Sea bat lily or Tacca leontopetaloides growing under the shade of sea- almonds.
This one had very different leaves structure than
the normal bat lily we found on Bukit Timah Reserve.

Melastoma malabathricum or Straits Rhododendron a common wasteland plants.

Wild boar's (?) wallow seen on our forest trails
Sea Lettuce( Ambong-ambong) or Scaevola sericea's flowers the stigma reminds me of
H.G. Well's War of the World invading machines.

Pandanus odoratissimus or Common Seashore Screw pine (Pandan). I saw squirrels nibbling at the fruits.
Padina Mermaid's Fan ( A brown algae) -
noted the characteristics of the banded fronds
Sea cucumber **
The 'gut' of this creature can be seen through the semi transparent 'sac'.

Frilly anemones, Phymanthus sp **.
Another one at dried land try to dig in and throw up a circular fountain of water when disturbed

Rock formation of Tg Sutera Fruits of Oil palm and you can eat it ( see below)

A fallen bread fruit, Artocarpus altilis on our Kampong walk.

Would be a nice breadfruit snack to go down with Tiger Beer
Bright color of a kampung house
While others were focusing on taking the bright red flowers above
i was attracted to the unusual 'funnel'-shaped fruit of Pereskia bleo or Rose Cactus.
Love-in-a mist , Passiflora foetida
One of my childhood edible bush berries ( orange when fully ripe)

Fruits / Seeds washed up on the shorePong Pong , Cerbera odollam

Xylocarpus granatum**

Nipah palm fruits, fossiled version or nipadites exists else where.

Box fruit of Putat Laut or Barringtonia asiatica for making fish poison
and the unmistakably coconut

Group Members' fotos here: Vimala's , Juliana's , Marijn's

**Thanks to Ria Tan for the IDs of seashore creature and the spilled out seed fruit


Mahaya said...

As usual , you have a unique eye for the unusual . Great shots , YK ! I am really pleased we all had a wonderful time in Tg Sutera ... will keep in touch for future explorations and photo shoots .

Cheers ! :-) . :-)


darkmatter said...

Thanks Mahaya. Looking forwards to another adventure.