Saturday, March 10, 2007

SBG one early morning Mar 10

It was like in the night
we started the early am walk

Jambu air ( Eugenia javanica) - a nice change
from the typical pale yellowish flowers of another jambu.

Looking for the common Jasmine
and found this sp instead Arabian Jasmine ( Jasminum sambac) with
a rich 'vanilla-like' aroma.
Just then part of the flowers were illuminated with
soft golden early hour sun

Flowers of Icecream Bean...

'Winged' rachis of Inga edulis ( icecream bean)

we saw a couple of pulais (A. augustiloba) and even tried
to 'untangle' a few twin-twisted slender seedpods
in low branches - low enough for my
Pulai Queen to reach
but decided to leave
others to be
She also got a chance
to feel the velvet 'persimmon',
patted the 'leopard-spots'- like
trunk of brazilian ironword,
walked on showered petals ( white mempat)
trampled on
a fallen rotten breakfruit
only the
lofty lotus flowers
proved a bit out-of-reach

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