Saturday, April 25, 2009

SBG - morning walk 25/04 Evo Garden

A great day for a walk in SBG

Cycas rumphill showing the partial female cone Shot this under the shade of the Cycas rumphii Equisetum hyemate , horsetail or Souring Rush - a fern ally.
Dia. around 1 mm
The stem is tubular and much reduced tooth-like leaves
( click image above to have a closer look)and felt empty when squeezed.
Giant horsetail was found " in Canelos, Ecuador 20 ft tall and stem as thick as wrist "

In the shade this Spikemoss Selaginella [ fern-ally]
or Peacock fern leaves took on a metallic blue iridescence appearance.
The phenomena is caused by thin films interference on upper epidermis which reflect more blue light and transmit more red. In full light environment these layers were absent.

Thanks to Keith and Catherine for the informative introduction to the Evo Garden
ancient plants like Cycads, coniferous, ferns.
The common
easily available
way-side trees gnetales ( belinjau) is missing here.

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