Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hort Park & Canopy walk Kent Ridge

(IMHO) The labellings style of this map needs improvement.

Like in any open field - short-cuts ( not necessary the shortest path) soon developed.
Ficus grossularioides - 'goosberries like' - note the various leaf form

The mature vines and the young greener one below. ( ID found June 07 09 - its Petawali or Tinospora crispa )

Typical vegetation like tuip-tuip, pitcher plant, simpoy air figs, rubber trees, a climber with slender leaf but strong spiky menacing looking vine.

Instead of waiting for visitors to move away so i can have a direct frontal shot, i decided to move to the side and include this 'fruit' as well. 'Wires' were actually used to hold ( or prevent unlawful pilferage of the fruit.
'The Living Walls' - Next time all concrete wall will be replaced with the plant-friendly version.

Kapok ( Ceiba pentandra) - seed pod - revealing the familiar traditional pillow's stuffing - 'cotton inside'
Flower of ornamental grass - close up view
Figs(F.aurantiacea) with dotted skinChain of Love ( Antigonon leptopus)- a sun lover- sprawling all over a fence ...
Took me one hour to take 963 from interchange to here and another hr back.
I skipped most of the Hort Park plants
and came here to check
out the canopy walk. Reflections at Bukit Chandu ( Opium Hill)


F. K Phang said...

Hi I love the photos of plants you took.

F. k Phang Alor Star

darkmatter said...

Hello FK:
Thanks. We met in Penang before right?