Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pulai Ubin - Deepavali Holiday '07

My 3rd trip to P Ubin on Deepavali holiday on Thursday. Ignoring the weathermen forecast of thunderstorm / showers - it turned out to be one of the best sunny days.
P. Ubin Courtesy of Google Earth
Click image for a closer view
( Pulau Ubin is ten minutes bumboat
ride from Changi, Singapore Main Island on the lower right.)

Pictures not in any particular order.

After 1/2 day on the inland.. time to go back

OMO Bumboat operator..
he immediately turned back to the P Ubin after offloading us around 5:15pm
more main is. bound traffic .... Queing for the bum boats ...on our return journey..Peace

A plank of wood ( tied to the bridge) provide access to
the rock as a better platform for fishing when the tide roll in at night?

Rent a bike and you are ready to explore around the island...A gentle up slope and yet most 'city' cyclists prefer to take the easy way out
- pushing the bike insteadA welcoming sign for cyclists ... YES! feel the air in your hairs

Sea grass kneaded by receding tides &
left high and dry patiently waiting for the returning tide

'Fingers' - Mangrove roots
Men at work - fancy this type of job?

Check out the 'fire-place' inside...Lets keep the fireplace going when it snows.... ( waiting for the ice age to return first)

Goddess of Mercy likeness
on the Quarry's rock face

Datuk 'gal' - German Girl Temple .. zipped by on last trip but this time
pause to take a few shots.

Another kampung-style 'rumah'

The perimeter of this Ketam (crab in malay) Quarry was fenced off ( see map above)
appeared inaccessible
... but
After a short distance of bike pushing upslope .. you 'll arrive at
a resting hut. Enjoy the quarry view either through the fence
or venture a bit inside
via the gap - even adult can squeeze through.
Tuck in your tummy...
Once inside ( dont stand too close to the vertical drop-off)
you will have a
better view of...

The pretty colorful rock surfaces
do resemble a line-up of 'face' masks

The other portion of the Ketam Quarry
Looking across ... a floating 'kelong' and HDBs in the background

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