Friday, April 06, 2007

TreeTopWalk No 10

This is my 10th visit to the TTW.
The path from the Venus Drv looked neglected and narrowed
with grass and weed encroaching from both sides
Not much insect activities, rows of costus speciosus were slashed
and i miss the trumpet-shaped corolla
Highway loads
of ants travelling tens of metres, 4-5 abreast
all converging at one single exit
directly down a single vertical pole
When we returned, the convoy
was gone in the hot noon sun.

Tetraecera indica flower

Morning dew still lingered .. more on this plant taken on my prev 8th TTW

I spotted a tiny rectangular 'window' swaying with breeze
Silky tapestry in the making ( spider web)

New vs Old

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pulai flowers , fallen petals and a leaf etc

A cluster ball of pulai flowers of Alstonia Scholaris.Fallen corolla-shaped flowers of Snake Tree ( Stereospermum fimbriatum)
carpetted the ground Flowers detail

Folded almost in identical half when young .. when unravelled it will this ( below)

Swollen stems and some twin bract-like structure seen.