Sunday, August 06, 2006

TTW08 - Aug 6 '06

My 8th visit to HSBC Tree Top Walk with my Canon S3 camera.

Inflorescence of a Seashore Centipede Grass Ischaemum muticum grass
with the feathery stigmas
Counting games
I count1,2,3 .. 7 lobes on the left and 5 on the leaf on the right.

" I had a little too much to drink last nite...."

A long stigma of the yellow flower ( above) and the unripe fruits (below).

The butterfly that ignored my close approach of the lens.

Silky Fences - Exquisite web design
Horizontal (top) vs Vertical lantern-like (bottom) .
Can you makeout the veiled web master below?

Fallen petals ( Common Snakeweed) from
the long narrow spite above after a heavy rain.

Leaf blade under alien attack. (galls?)
A 'bullet-like' wound appeared on top upper right cornerThis is how the underside of the leaf look like.
The 'bombardment'
was from the above.

Metallic looking dragon fly with battered wing.

Close-up view of flowers of Hairy Clidemia (MELASTOMACEAE)

Bougavilla - I was drawn towards the twisted/coiled ends.

Tetracera indica- with "Kutumayan seed" no- its
A dash of red caught my attention
I went down to the drain to gain access to this plant and lifted up the nearby Sempoh's leaf
to reveal more of this interesting red 'noddle-strands' avil
with embedded black seeds
- ( see another close up shot below)
The monkeys
my every moves....

By the time i returned,
all the 'noodle/seeds' were gone
and strands of red 'noddle' littered
on the dry drainage ground below.
Are those seeds edible?
Only monkeys can tell...perhaps

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