Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kurt Wenner's painting at National Museum

I wanted to make sure I did something interesting instead of letting the time slipped through and done nothing ( like last year). I heard of Kurt Wenner's anamorphic floor painting a few weeks ago and was thrilled to find out the master-piece is still available for viewing till end of the month. I brought along my Peleng 8mm - expecting my 17-40mm wont be able to frame the painting entirely. It was still drizzling when I arrived at the National Museum 1:30pm. Only a handful of paying visitors and the Iskandar's painting was there - a bit smaller than I have imaged... A special lens (see above) was set up to allow viewers to have a proper perspective (3D?) viewing of the anamorphic painting. I took a few shots, moved around and stayed behind a little while to watch how others react to the painting.
Click the images for a closer look.

I was looking at the pond's reflection and found two figures there. ( rotated and flipped)


Veron said...

Hey, I got to take a photo with the man himself! If you are interested to see more pictures of him at work in the museum, you can read my blog entry.

darkmatter said...

Hi Veron:
You are very lucky then.. I only knew the event AFTER he left...and before they 'erase' the work to make room for New Year Party ...I think.