Monday, September 07, 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park - Sep 7 '09

Concrete water holders. near Wallace Education Centre..
 Fungus found on rotted wood 
- the jelly like yellow Calocera viscosa 
 and the tough orange red cup like polypollea below
Using my palm to get a better contrast ..
of this veil-like sedge ( grass?) dotted with 
dark purplish tiny tiny flowers
this grasshopper still sat there on my return trip .. guess what were she doing?
One of the exhibits in Wallace Education Centre...
read E.J.H Corner's handwritten letter dated 1940s!
These 'spiky-balls' caught my attention..
A brand new park so even the barriers are new ...
'match'-stick like barriers
i Sprouted! - the will to grow!
'Tranformer room?' overgrown with vegetation. Note the side ventilation holes
one of the several granite blocks ..looked heavy.
Depends which way you pick - Singapore Quarry or Wallace Education Centre.
There is no link between the two - so you need to backtrack to reach the other!
You will find plenty of thorny vine of Rose Cactus  
near Wallace Education Centre. 
See the 'chopped' ends below

CLICK above image to have a closer look of the Singapore Quarry.
Been to Ubin, Bukit Batok or nearby Bukit Timah?

Singapore Quarry. 

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