Sunday, October 05, 2008

Admiralty Park

Trail : Gravel, easy
Stay Duration : ~ 1 hr

A day after it was shown in TV, I decided to check out the new park. Suddenly everyone was interested in Nipah palms and the glove-like inflorescence.

Cuscuta species ,the tentacle-like
web carpeting the ground, with clusters of tiny white flowers. It remind me of another similar creepers years ago near a sandy beach in Borneo.

Dam the outlet and you get a pond meanwhile any overflow will cascade down the 'steps'.

The pond was heavily silted... and this pretty 'lily' - remind me of the chinese phrase of " come from dirty mud but never get tainted ( and pure). A belly-up Arowana was floating nearby indicating the low O2 content perhaps. Meanwhile a brand new restaurant await opening.

The rows of vertical reddish tips of the Piai raya, Acrostichum aureum ferns caught my attention.
The Star-shape fruit of Simpoh, Dillenia suffruticosa was within my reach.

A close up of the tiny purple flower of Common Spiderwort, Commelina nudiflora at ground level.

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