Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fort Canning Hill Park 02 visit

To my Pulai Queen who works so hard at home todayLAT's cartoon
(look for his signature at bottom right hand corner)
depicting the Portuguese attacking Singapore in 17th Century.

Heavy gate of the Fort - i have difficult to even move it.
( contrast
with the equally fortified look
of a Kapok spiky tree trunk below)

Lucky Emperor Qin Shi Huang didnt know about this spiky Kapok trunk.
( he might add this to his infamous hollow copper column with live coal )

the Kleenex 'soft' texture below

the 'paper-like' bark of eucalyptus treeFig clusters (Ficus variegata) on trunkI reached under a low shrub with plenty of 'cotton-bud' coming out from the branches. The pure white flowers have a refreshing smell and jasmine-like.
Terap ( Artocarpus elasticus)

Picked up the inflorescene of terap
which looked like
an oversize yellowish orange color
side view after Xsectioning.

Frontal view after xectioned


CiXeL said...

looks like an unfertilized pedalai fruit

leaf is similar

ripe fruit would look like this

and looks like a marang inside

i'm trying to id all the artocarpus

here are some pics of the fruits

if you have questions email me

mdiag said...

I often see these terap "fruits" and have opened them, like you. Interesting, but they certainly don't look edible, so I am very surprised by what I read on NParks' Flora Fauna web: ". . . the fruits and seeds are both edible. The seeds are surrounded by a white fleshy aril, which are slightly sour, tasting somewhat like tangy marshmallows". Really same tree? Any comments? Thanks! Mel

vinesandspines said...

it seems that there isnt any pulp pieces or seeds because it hasnt received any pollination.

vinesandspines said...

by the way i changed my name from cixel to vinesandspines.