Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amazonia in Singapore - Experience Amazonia right at ur doorstep

Amazonia in Singapore ( 20 - 30 November 2009) Free admission.

It was Sunday Nov 29 .. looking for a place to get some materials for my blog. Then i came across Amazonia in Singapore 2nd last day @ City Hall Building basement. Sat through the interesting 1/2 hr movie.

Even the six-legged had bird-like plumes

Grating board

Golden Grass Capim Dourado ear ring Necklace with 'inorganic' (minerals) and 'organic' design..

The long arrows for shooting fish in shallow streams
.... matched with a simple bow the foto of which i didnt take.

Calabash fruit - I once saw a tree laden with big round fruits near Penang Hill. Read the description below for more information.

Nuts all sort of nuts .. few familiar faces here. ( spot the big monkey pot, Lecythis ollaria - pollinated by carpenter bees, and the rubber 'seed'. You can find them in our SBG)

Didn't realize there is a ID chart there till i saw this picture.
Should have read it. Note the famous red pea with black dot there.
Brazil nut shell used as vessel.
The camera's battery ran flat just
when i wanted to take another
interesting little tiny boxes arrangement from another exhibition...

On way back saw Npark people trying to remove the remaining stump of chainsaw felled 'largest' saga tree near MRT Exit St. Andrew Church. My memory still fresh from the Amazonia movie showing the scene of a fallen primary forest trunk..

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bukit Batok - Town Park & Nature Reserve

'Little Guilin' - near Bukit Gombak MRT

Banyan roots engulfed this rock.
I looked around, the only potential of falling fruits is from the terap tree nearby. They have another sign specifically for durians
The Town Park is just 5 minutes walk from Bukit Gombak MRT.. you can also walk to the Nature Reserve after visiting this little park.
Transmitting tower at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve..
The Humanoid figure at the right.. look at the cliff face with dark/black rocks.
Figs shot from the side of the straight up tree trunk.
Was attracted to the mirror reflection of the bird
nest fern on the cliff only but decided to add human element..
Reflections again - note there is a slanted groove
chiseled out from the relatively light color rocks
Two branch-off tendrils near the base
of the leaf ready to be uncoiled and reached out for nearby support.

Reddish seeds still intacted ..
Memorial at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve
Mosses carpetted the rock faces
Tree fern's coiled head .. reminded me of the baku and bilins from sarawak..

Near the quarry water edges ... found pink eggs..
Twins white cups of flowers.. then the anglers reminded us to be careful about snakes!

Sempoh air's - its the serpen-like 'forked tongues' that attracted me