Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Creative Advertisement or ?

I was walking along footpath lined with Camwood and noticed something white fluttering in the wind - one closer inspection found leaf was pasted with 'illegal' flyer - in this particular case a 'room available for rent - call Miss XXX - please tear a tag ' targetting workers on their way to the bus-stations. Several of the similar leaves were found at 10 metres apart.
Last time I encountered an notice hung on a big african tulip tree facing the MRT line.
What have U found today?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

In and Around Clarke Quay 1/28 b


One of the most colorful painted 'windows'
- MICA - corner of Hill St/River Valley
bus advertisment...Wheelchairs and operationing table - A 'hospital' theme restaurant.
Now where is my appetite.. suddently i am hungry no more

'rules' for the underpass!

canopy of a different kind

rows of red

red at left and right ends

lets eat!

looking pretty

1, 2, 3 - fire! reverse Bungee.

Plein Air - Art Sculptures on the slope of Fort Canning Hill 1/28 a

Glazed ceramic & mosaic stones

"18 HOURS' - by Delia Prvacki

" Date in the Garden" - by Delia Prvacki

"Picnic in the Garden " top/bottom - by Delia Prvacki

The twigs stopped the mangoes from rolling down the slopes

Found this Geophila repens berry growing under the shades of the pong-pongtree

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Midnight moving lights Jan 24/25

At 11:55pm my botany guru Joseph Lai SMS me and asked me to check out the 'strange' white light in the Northern Sky. I responded immediately and went out to look. I saw the familar 'beam-sweeping'. [ other form had a circular motion] . Sweep range was centred at 12-15 degree North and low in the northen horizon ~ 10 degree elevation from my Woodlands site. And I use this exerecise to test my readiness. I picked up my video walkman ( already preloaded with tape) , slotted in the Li-ion battery , carried the tripod with 25mm lens/Gel-battery to the north- facing staircase and get recording done in less than 10 minutes.
Stack of a few frames showing the light at 5 different positions

This is the 'light- envelope' plot - resulted from the beam sweeping
back- and- forth
Apparently someone
in Johore was beaming the light
skywards at a shallow angle ( on a gentle slope South facing? ) .
OK this is not a UFO ( dont be misled by the software name i used).
Thanks Joseph ... you are pretty observant at night sky too!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

hidden treasure or...

Incessant rains had caused erosion unprotected treeless slope. A long line of this effect can be seen from MRT travelling from Yishun to Sembayang. There were even some urns exposed...so what's inside these urns? On Sunday after visiting the Khatib's Bottle Tree Park I took feeder bus 804 and dropping off at near Yishun Towncouncil and walked there to find out.

Looking up from underneath the MRT track - the effect of the erosion can be easily seen. And I was looking for a easier place to climb up the slope.
I climbed up the slope and to have a closer look... no skeletons.. ..the urns appeared to be empty.. phew! I left with a heavily soiled shoes

Bottle Tree Park

Been watching the development of this Park slowly transforming from ugly ponds to its present look. Lately a flurry of activities were observed from overhead passing MRT trains. The public started to use the facilities. Just a week ago I saw neat rows of tents - school children camping in the worst of wet weather. People milling around the compound and rows of cars. In last thursday heavy downpour the ponds appeared to be 'inches' away from bursting the banks and the main canal's water level swelled to 90% capacity.

Bottle tree

A pair of tigers guarding the basketball court.

I thought saw a bottle plant many many months ago from MRT ride but i think they have changed their mind

this one run on AC with 'florescent tube'-inside.

cast your lines... have a cold beer

I overheard a kid calling out to her mum
" Mum look , camels! " Our ignorant city kids! Quite the opposite phrasing but
same meaning of a popular chinese saying
".... seeing a camel and thought that is a horse with a swollen back.."

all you need to do is just wait loh - watch the color disc

For $10 - you can have your "longkang catch fish" experience. Price included a plastic container ( to house your precious catch) and a small net. Catch-all-you can in the shallow ponds. I saw a little box fulled of fishes and all were gasping for oxygen in that tiny space. For real "longkang" - try the stream in Venus Drive - the fish there is the more authentic type and it is FREE.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The vga input connector was loose, I have to lift the cover of the multiple AV/Keyboard/Mouse switch box to tighten the nuts. See what i hv found inside ....