Thursday, January 25, 2007

Midnight moving lights Jan 24/25

At 11:55pm my botany guru Joseph Lai SMS me and asked me to check out the 'strange' white light in the Northern Sky. I responded immediately and went out to look. I saw the familar 'beam-sweeping'. [ other form had a circular motion] . Sweep range was centred at 12-15 degree North and low in the northen horizon ~ 10 degree elevation from my Woodlands site. And I use this exerecise to test my readiness. I picked up my video walkman ( already preloaded with tape) , slotted in the Li-ion battery , carried the tripod with 25mm lens/Gel-battery to the north- facing staircase and get recording done in less than 10 minutes.
Stack of a few frames showing the light at 5 different positions

This is the 'light- envelope' plot - resulted from the beam sweeping
back- and- forth
Apparently someone
in Johore was beaming the light
skywards at a shallow angle ( on a gentle slope South facing? ) .
OK this is not a UFO ( dont be misled by the software name i used).
Thanks Joseph ... you are pretty observant at night sky too!

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