Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bottle Tree Park

Been watching the development of this Park slowly transforming from ugly ponds to its present look. Lately a flurry of activities were observed from overhead passing MRT trains. The public started to use the facilities. Just a week ago I saw neat rows of tents - school children camping in the worst of wet weather. People milling around the compound and rows of cars. In last thursday heavy downpour the ponds appeared to be 'inches' away from bursting the banks and the main canal's water level swelled to 90% capacity.

Bottle tree

A pair of tigers guarding the basketball court.

I thought saw a bottle plant many many months ago from MRT ride but i think they have changed their mind

this one run on AC with 'florescent tube'-inside.

cast your lines... have a cold beer

I overheard a kid calling out to her mum
" Mum look , camels! " Our ignorant city kids! Quite the opposite phrasing but
same meaning of a popular chinese saying
".... seeing a camel and thought that is a horse with a swollen back.."

all you need to do is just wait loh - watch the color disc

For $10 - you can have your "longkang catch fish" experience. Price included a plastic container ( to house your precious catch) and a small net. Catch-all-you can in the shallow ponds. I saw a little box fulled of fishes and all were gasping for oxygen in that tiny space. For real "longkang" - try the stream in Venus Drive - the fish there is the more authentic type and it is FREE.

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