Saturday, October 25, 2008

South Ridges - reVisited 10/25/08

Evenly coated spider web on branches. A green whip snake not far from a bus stop.. at first i thought someone left a green ribbon on the clumps of fish-tail ferns.

Noni - the climber version
Draco sumatranur - the flying lizard

(below image)
the front pointing triangular 'flap' underneath the throat.

Antigonon leptopus - Chain of Loves

COL's - tiny lantern ( or heart) shaped flower

close up of the young vine below

the matured or old vines ( below)

Found a tiny 'honey-comb' nest stuck to a leaf.
A few 'bee-like' insects
were hovering nearby.

A curious mother with her son
joined in and investigate as i pulled the leaf
lower to have a closer shot

Scars from fallen stalks that resembled 'moths with out-spread wings' on tree trunk

BambooCalotes vericolor the changeable lizard

Green crested lizard, Bronchocela cristalella
Red Passion Flower Passiflora coccinea

'Hairy' Heliconia -
all the others had smooth hairless surfaces
except this particular one. Why? [ Heliconia Vellerigera]

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