Sunday, October 29, 2006

TTW 09...

The long narrow and oval shaped fronds on a low bougainvillea hedge caught my attention.
At first i thought this must be two different species. Only when i unravelled one strand i found they came shared the same 'strand'.

Fertile fronds ( with spores at outer edge of leaf)
of Dragon's Scale Fern ( Pyrosia piloselloides) yet another
way of sporangia arrangement.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sungei Buloh wetland reserve

Tuesday 10/24 - Hari Raya Public Holiday
Kranji MRT Stn -> Bus #925 direct -> SB wetland R

Seven candles


Rows of tiny flowers of phyllanthus pulcher (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Close-up view of x1 unopen flower

Found this 'jelly-like' berries ..
'Bird's dropping' that moves - a clever camouflage

A tiny web - diameter of 15mm+
close-up shot revealed the intricate 'zig-zag' web pattern.

At first I only spotted the white 'patch' then
flipped the leaf over, I saw the owner - a spider. It later
returned to the 'nest' to check ( babies inside?)

High tide... another foot more it will swap the walkway..

Crabs ...etc scrambled for high ground as the tides came rolling in.
This one was spotted on high-ground of Sea Holly's branches

Underside of a nipah palm frond
with 'scale' some sort stuck to the mid rib

Tide is coming in, the bunch of nipah fruits hung above the tide-line
The white atap chee used in desert is right inside!Red calyx ( above/below) of Black Mangrove ( Bruguiera gymnorrhiza)

Young upright leaves of Bird Nest fern - like a pair of skis

Spores on the underside of a the bird nest fern

A chance happening...
he lalang grass grew right through the dead leaf and
get lifted it up in the process
a leaf with a central hole fell
through the blade

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reefwalk @ Kusu Is.

Our playground for the 2 hours+

In shallow waters..

PSI index dipped to normal on this Sunday... sun is a little red though

Its alive

This ugly thing is a hairy crab!
pass around for a closer look

Sea grapes

the 'organic mass' flowing out of the cavity of the wavebreaker?

staghorn coral

A disturbed crab in offensive (attack) mode..

boulder coral

Green fan seaweed .. you can find them sticking upright at low tide..

Volcano barnacle and snail-like limpets stuck to the rock

Its the underside of a starfish

Singapore main Island shoreline is never far away....

it had been a long long time i touched a live starfish
and I am surprised there are so many things to see within short
distance from the shore ...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gum from a Mahogany Tree

I was walking along AMK av 10 when I noticed this
whitish 'things' on the tree trunk.

On closer inspection -
it was streamers of dried resin!
There are quite a number of
sites on the tree trunk.

I returned on 10/14 for a better photos
this time looking for clues
ants were seen
building nests on the bark...
the gum felt hard and stiff
and on the ground dropped branches still with leaves
and a
hard seed pod..

Thanks to YC - this is another Mahogany - Khaya grandifolia.
No wonder at end of my x12 zoom,
i just able to make out
the round brown
fruit high up
-- it does look similar to fruit of
Swietenia macrophylla

Friday, October 06, 2006

Home Delivery [Eggs]

' "EGG" - You call - I'll deliver' ( to doorstep ) Want Some?