Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gum from a Mahogany Tree

I was walking along AMK av 10 when I noticed this
whitish 'things' on the tree trunk.

On closer inspection -
it was streamers of dried resin!
There are quite a number of
sites on the tree trunk.

I returned on 10/14 for a better photos
this time looking for clues
ants were seen
building nests on the bark...
the gum felt hard and stiff
and on the ground dropped branches still with leaves
and a
hard seed pod..

Thanks to YC - this is another Mahogany - Khaya grandifolia.
No wonder at end of my x12 zoom,
i just able to make out
the round brown
fruit high up
-- it does look similar to fruit of
Swietenia macrophylla


Anonymous said...

Are these seed pods to buy anywhere?
Thought of the large one holding in your hand in the picture at the bottom.
I buy the larger bolls from a wholesaler through a friend who has a shop but the wholesaler is running out of capsules.


chia yk said...

I am sorry Stefan. These are road side trees and i have not got any clue whether they are for sale here in singapore