Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reefwalk @ Kusu Is.

Our playground for the 2 hours+

In shallow waters..

PSI index dipped to normal on this Sunday... sun is a little red though

Its alive

This ugly thing is a hairy crab!
pass around for a closer look

Sea grapes

the 'organic mass' flowing out of the cavity of the wavebreaker?

staghorn coral

A disturbed crab in offensive (attack) mode..

boulder coral

Green fan seaweed .. you can find them sticking upright at low tide..

Volcano barnacle and snail-like limpets stuck to the rock

Its the underside of a starfish

Singapore main Island shoreline is never far away....

it had been a long long time i touched a live starfish
and I am surprised there are so many things to see within short
distance from the shore ...

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Mable said...

Life is full of surprises at every turn. It is good to share the pleasant ones with others. It has been a long time since I went to Kusu island and your photos have enabled me to be an armchair visitor for a short while. Thanks, nice pictures.