Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sentosa Nov 24 '07 - Part 1 of 2

We started by taking the cable car ( the more expensive way) of getting to the now bridge-linked Sentosa Island : kids wanted to experience the cable car. I recalled my last ride was decades ago. Here are shots from the 'above' through a less than perfect perspex glass window)

Changing the shore line - land- filling in process - note the two barges on the lower right..

And this one - with 2 tugboat nudging the heavy load to the correct bearing.. ( streaks are from internal reflection of the cabin..)

end of the line.. and saw the Tower nearby

Base of the Carlsberg Sky Tower (height: 110 M)
' Reflections' - waiting for the gate to be opened.

The rotating Carlsberg Sky Tower had better viewing gallery offering fantastic view of the outside..
Man make islets @Siloso beachSongs - of - the Sea ?

then we wanted to try the luge ..

where gravity takes control

my boy in front of me and me trying to use camera on one hand and steering with the other

End of the ride..
Taking the skyride to get back up
A camera and flash automatically fire and your skyride shot is
ready waiting for you to preview .. our picture turned out great so we purchase it ($10).

A back view showing the two boxes housing (top) camera, (bottom) flash unit. It will fire a shot when the ride comes into predetermined position. So look at the camera and SMILE!

Carts dangling from the back of the liftchair

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