Friday, October 30, 2009

Miri - 'Lite'

The remaining shots from either the EOS camera or some shots worth adding in from the 400+
Pisang Sabah .. the young lady told me the name of the big ones on the lower left
Pantu Waterfall, Lambir Hill National Park
Trace fossils embedded in the sandstone
Tg Lubang - the 'hole' in the cliff in the distant.
( we used to cycle to near the big boulders near the lubang on low tide)
This is a good place for watching
the pounding waves in early morning or watching the sun set in the evening.
Terap in the foreground and Mawang mangoes at the back
Lambir Hill National Park - 'white' trail
Visitors' Information Centre opposite Tamu Muhibbah Market.

Unmistakenly the King of fruits - Durians - creamy white vs orange red flesh

Wood knot ?
but actually sand stone with embedded Iron(Fe III) oxide formation

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Anonymous said...

Hi YK, I can see you had a fabulous trip! What beautiful pictures, well composed so very artistic! I remember trying terap and found I didnt like the strange smell, but the mango looks yummy tho I'm not familiar with it. Thanks for sharing. Regards,