Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sungei Buloh wetland reserve

Tuesday 10/24 - Hari Raya Public Holiday
Kranji MRT Stn -> Bus #925 direct -> SB wetland R

Seven candles


Rows of tiny flowers of phyllanthus pulcher (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Close-up view of x1 unopen flower

Found this 'jelly-like' berries ..
'Bird's dropping' that moves - a clever camouflage

A tiny web - diameter of 15mm+
close-up shot revealed the intricate 'zig-zag' web pattern.

At first I only spotted the white 'patch' then
flipped the leaf over, I saw the owner - a spider. It later
returned to the 'nest' to check ( babies inside?)

High tide... another foot more it will swap the walkway..

Crabs ...etc scrambled for high ground as the tides came rolling in.
This one was spotted on high-ground of Sea Holly's branches

Underside of a nipah palm frond
with 'scale' some sort stuck to the mid rib

Tide is coming in, the bunch of nipah fruits hung above the tide-line
The white atap chee used in desert is right inside!Red calyx ( above/below) of Black Mangrove ( Bruguiera gymnorrhiza)

Young upright leaves of Bird Nest fern - like a pair of skis

Spores on the underside of a the bird nest fern

A chance happening...
he lalang grass grew right through the dead leaf and
get lifted it up in the process
a leaf with a central hole fell
through the blade

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