Sunday, December 24, 2006

Singapore Garden Festival 2006

Hibernating garden in Philadelphia.. brave the cold
Chritmas In A Philipines Village - nativity hut, stone path walk, trees w lanterns

More pitcher plants than those i found in Mt Kinabalu..
" Invasion of the Green kind" - This is what happen if you ignore your PC for too long
and turned to gardening instead

Peeled off a chinese cabbage, keep the outer greens and starting pasting around the

from AVA..

The light green - puffy balls are
Asclepias phyllocarpa
a helpful guy at info counter promised to help me with the ID

in the evening I received his sms!

Neat rows of cactusYou will find a good selection of the pretty chryanthemum there!Inside the Dream Dome - a surreal world depicting destroyed /deformed forest ..
Strange folliage from Down Under with kangaroo's Paw as foreground
Thousand Eyes staring back
The 'plum flower labyrinth' ? think chinese swordfighting ..
Flow of a chinese brush3D wall-plug
Take you time.. enjoy these large and exquisite chrysnthemum

Roses, roses.. and baby breathe
Too pretty to sit on..

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Veron said...

Good Lord! These are such interesting photos! To be honest I didn't think the event would interest me much when I first heard of it. Now I can't believe I missed it!

Thanks for the pics!