Sunday, August 20, 2006

Botanic Garden

Quail's Eggs? No ... read on..

Late Sunday afternoon I visited the Botanic Garden admiring the giants trees and listening to the exploding seeds under a rubber tree. The Botanic Garden had a new look and even housed a food court close the Main entrance!

Tri-lobed rubber fruits high up in the branches - ready to release the seeds violently

Twelve green/brown 'seedpod' (bottles) sitting on a branch (wall) ...

Custard-like lotus seed pod...
Lotus Seeds in their chambers..

My birthday cake comes early? ( see young flower- bud in image below). Another recent images posted in my friend's blog.

The young flower bud
resembled a
Chinese Peach ( Xian Tao).
Took me a while hunting for a full bloom flower but most of the petals were already dropped off.

I cracked open one hard seed pod and out poured black seeds covered with yellowish pulp.

Even the well dressed insect had matching red dot close to the eye?

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