Sunday, June 28, 2009

ACM - June 27 2009

It was in the TV news Friday 26/6 evening on the extension of the free after 5pm admission on Sat. After dinner i decided to go look. Wah.. the queue was long. I killed some time drafting my last trip report on my E71 as well as being 'entertained' by a couple and their teenage daughter lively conversations.

Luckily the night was not too warm. I started my queue around 8:30pm ( and reached the exhibition hall 10:15pm) I asked the usher whether there will be another free admission on the 28th. He was tired after standing for more than 12 hours.

... and from inside. More queue further up. Imaging those parents with prams and the senior citizen stuck in the stairway's upward traffic jam.

But once you are inside the 2nd storey exhibition hall, there are amble room for you to browse the items on displayed. I saw interesting 12- digit calcular, printed mathematics table, sighting telescope with alt/azimuth , sextants globe, Emperor's dress or 'long pao', KangXi's calligraphy , pottery, the 'abridged' long scroll depicting images of KX's 60th birthday celebration.

( the actual one was 80 metre in length!) . Interesting comment over heard like - " wah so dark and dim inside - everything is a blurry to me cant see properly" .. and exciting visitors from China relating to their kids of familar places back home.

It was a night well spent. The queue was still there around 11pm.. ( imagesof the queue was taken before i left the place)

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