Friday, June 16, 2006

Haw Par Villa 6/16

For the price of a song ( S$1.00) you get to see so many interesting things. We were there on a weekdays and nearly have the whole place to ourselves. 13 years later we revisited the site with our kids.

Products that we grew up with.. in this part of the world.

& this is mine..

Ten Courts of Hell.... and a sampling presented below

Depends what 'bad' things you have done in this world.
You will be punished
in the afterlive
either by hot copper column

Or get saw into halves

Or stabbed with a level with pointed attachement

Cant pay your debt... i will take your wife

A central pattern of a lotus leaf

False mountains and figurines... abound
but it was the tiny flowers that caught my attention

With 'fruit' still attached.

New leather design ? Actually the bark of a palm tree1925 Buick, modified California Hardtop

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