Sunday, July 02, 2006


It was Sunday shortly after 2:15pm - I picked the green trail which branched off from the steep main road. South View > Cave path> Tiup2 > Rengas to the Summit Hut and down using Main Rd. I spent sometime in he Hindhede park before heading home.Fleets of Space birds tracking me from above ... I left my electronic footprint on the map

Hindhede Quarry Pond

What is the danger about?
Read the enlarged image below. Its the quarry OVERFLOW point. (35 MSL?)

Explanation see below. Click image to read the text.

I saw the creepers as painted trees /branches and the tree trunk acts as canvas..

Red nanas pointing upwards.

Out from the straight bare trunk came this bunch of flower buds

That's how Terentang gets its 'ear' near the base of the leaf stalk
Fishtail decorated!

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