Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Browsing..... and all i have is my Nokia phone

ALL images taken with
my Nokia Mobile's 1.3 Megapixel Camera lightly toasted in PS.

Laban Rata - with yellow Lowii's Buttercup in the foreground on the right.

Mt Kinabalu peaks - and my 'only' image of a (partial) tree fern. We were having breakfast at the Park's HQ restaurant prior to the departure to the Timpohon Gate
KK's International airport is situated near the coast line. ( see the offshore islands off KK)

Instead of heading back into the Singapore nature trails, I spent two weekends visiting libraries & browsing books and magazine in local bookstores.

I found this...

A good book on creating your photo-blog to showcase your masterpiece [ Thomson's Popular Book store ]


In this volume there is a page on the same species of root parasite I found in Mount Kinabalu ( see my earlier posting on Mt K's plants) . [ Kinokuniya, Taka and Wdlands Public Library]

Note the inflorescenes growing out of the buds. The resultant flowers are even more striking... only if i can locate the image sources again.

Then I stumbled into this heavy volume (above) in Kino - A good intro text on botany - plenty of color photographs and comprehensive coverage but at S$100+. Time to make good use of my $50 vouchers.

The first weekend after the climb its Sony SLR - Alpha launch 2nd day - 7/19.

Interesting camera, stiff metallic turning knobs

but I have owned just too many cameras

already. Still clinging to my Canons..

I have canon printer,

canon old slr AV-1, AE-1, T70s,

Eos-film, Eos Dslr... the latest being the light-weight S3... which I brought to KK.

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