Sunday, May 28, 2006

TTW- 5th Walking in the rain

the sky bridge

On the right side of the bridge
you can find ( and perhaps touch ) the ruby red new leaves
of Rusty Oil fruit or Elaeocarpus ferrugineus
while on the left a Pulai tree with seed pod dangling..

Hey..don't expect me to change color that fast. I know Kapok trunk is not green.

'..I got tongue..'

Fallen flowers...

The orange- red caught my attention.

It started to drizzle while i was halfway crossing the TTW Bridge..
then it rained heavily.. I captured
the following images
much earlier
It was an experience
walking in the rain
I got my umbrella
at least
in the 'belukar'
rain comes
straight down.
On my way back

I took the same
path from Venus Drv Car Park


Mable said...

Nice shots. I like the one taken of the red leaves :-)

ksloh said...

i went thru' the 11km trail come i did'nt see these beautiful images...? :(

Anonymous said...


I will bet on the third time you will see something.