Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tree Top Walk - 4th visit

I spotted some white flakes stuck on the undergrowth.
At closer inspection i found out they were
African tulip's paper-thin wingseeds.

I collected two 'flakes' home
Close-up shot showing the membrane wing
and the ' monkey-face' seed This big 'guy' stood guard over his territory
of flowers and berries near TTW bridge entrance feasting on the rhododendron.
Fallen snake-like rottan
'Nipple-galls' (below)
pearls-like appearance on leaf surface
- the leaf is being attacked!
Singapore Rhodendron fruits
Leaves with stencil-like markings
From a plant that look like a false tapioca.

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Mable said...

Very observant of nature, good pictures that make me more aware of details as captured :-)