Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the Trail of Pulai's

Sunday - Feb 25 been chasing for Pulai flower for the whole day and performed numerous 'poke poke' latex test. I arrived at Toa Payoh Garden under the hot hot sun. Only a few Pulais were seen but none were flowering. Then i proceed to downtown to explore Fort Canning Park. Here the pulais are larger and taller. Only one tree bore some remnants of the flowers ( see image below). I picked up two leaf samples. I continue to explore the large Fort Canning compound until rain forced me to leave the place. Then i went to Lily's neighbourhood - not much luck either and the rains seems to follow me whenever i go starting from the day before - Saturday at Sentosa Forest Walk!
I took two leaves samples from this plant in Fort Canning with remains of flowers showing. The intrapettolar stipule from each leaf confirms the ID to be A. Scholaris. The lingering fragrance of burnt sugar was still there.

I was 'studying' the bark of the pulai tree
when i noticed this fellow well camouflaged. But it flew away when i touched it.
Good things come in pairs - the velvet-like skin of butterfruits.

A short distance away
Two birds are lapping up the nectar from
the red firecracker flowers

It was challenging to use the MF of the S3
on a moving object like this Sunbird(?) hopping from
flower to flower looking
for nectar..... this is one of the better shots

Near the 'spice' garden close to the Keramat....
these red round fruits stood out... among the green

My 2nd encounter with the Alphinia Galanga(blue ginger?) again
but this time
i cracked
open a fruit to reveal the lumpy mass inside
( see below)

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