Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Labrador Park March 17, 2010

Shooting skyward attracted by the sparing leaves and red flowers of
flame-of-the-forest, Delonix regia
Labrador Park Jetty .. waiting for the sun to reappear from  passing clouds
re-shooting and obtained a brighter scene above

Disused aerial staircase.. was a faster route to the beach?
Wayang -  Shadows play.. 
2 crickets revealed their presence
The Enemy came from the back instead. Shot from the firing end of the 6" pounder
 The spiral thread in the gun barrel gave the projectile a spinning thrust.
Learn a thing or two from 'Lock N' Load'
Lee Ermey's program from History Channel

Spiral of the natural kind..
Read the sign : Machine Gun Post

Thanks to Mr Gan NSS,BIG for the ID
A male Great Eggfly, Hypolimnas bolina 
Caught with the light , a curve spine-like pattern seems to appear from the thorax?  Scare tactic?
Then I tried to catch the top view of the wing patterns but only caught a blurred image
as it fluttering away. Sail-shaped white spots fringed with iridescent blue ( male)

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